The casebook comes with a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, which is brimming with suggestions for teaching the materials.  It is based on the author’s class notes and contains many additional details, thoughts, and insights.

Three Ways to Get the Teacher’s Manual

  • Send the author an email at  The author can email you the Teacher’s Manual.
  • Email or call the publisher at or 800-950-5259.
  • Click the button below, but you will need to have an account at Aspen Publishing.  Follow the instructions below the button.

Please Note These Instructions

  • The button above will take you to the Siegel Casebook page on the publisher’s website. 
  • The Teacher’s Manual is in the “Professor Resources” section of that page, which is at the bottom.
  • To access the “Professor Resources” section you must log in to your Aspen account. (Previous Wolters Kluwer accounts should still work.)
  • If you have an Aspen account:
    • Click the button above, then click “Login” at the top of the linked page and log in to your Aspen account
    • Come back here and click the button above again
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the linked page and click on “Professor Resources.”
  • If you do not have an Aspen account, click on the button above, click “Register” at the top of the page, and register.  Once your account is validated, follow the steps in the previous bullet.